Vasto, Italy
14 November 1996

Watercolor on cold press Lana paper

Vasto was like Brigadoon. A place out of time with a little bit of magic or historic curiosity around each bend. This ancient city has never been developed because it's built on a cliff subject to landslides. In the above painting, you can see one historic curiosity where the new and the old city walls attach with two different types of arches. Through this opening you are looking south past Vasto Marina, into the Adriatic mist.

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Lino Salvatorelli was my host. He'd booked me into the Teatro Rossetti named for the poet and revolutionary, Gabriel Rossetti who, upon losing his cause, fled his birthplace of Vasto for England where his two children, Christina and Dante Gabriel were raised. It was a lovely evening in an old, old theater. As no one I met in Vasto spoke English, most of the audience had no idea what I was saying or singing but we enjoyed ourselves. Having spent the first couple weeks of this tour in the former East Germany where most people only spoke German or Russian, I was getting used to the scenario.

Lino owned a CD store called Kangaroo. He took me on a tour of the city and because everyone knew Lino, I met a lot of people, ate some great food and finished the tour at his friend Franco's sign making and sculpture studio. After Franco saw the paintings I'd made so far, he found me before I departed and sent me off with a gift of 4 pans of Lukas watercolors all wrapped up in tin foil. A very sweet and encouraging gesture.

It was difficult to leave Vasto but I was on to the next gigs in Tuscany, Bologna, Udina and so forth. I took the train north along the Adriatic coast and leaned out my open window watching the old beaches and beach towns slip by, wanting to stop at each place.

I left a piece of my heart in Vasto.

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