My on-the-road studio

This blog is no longer active. These posts trace the paintings I made on the road during the time I toured as a singer-songwriter and the stories behind them. I bought my field kit in Holland during the fall of 1996 and used it for all of the paintings on this blog working out of the tiny knapsack pictured above.

These paintings cover some years of my European touring right through to my Walden Pond series in late 1999. You can see paintings from Germany, France, Italy, Monaco, Holland and Belgium as well as the ones I made in South Carolina and New England.

A book of these paintings and the stories behind them will be published in 2014. Make sure you're on my mailing list for notification.  See sidebar for sign up.

You can listen to and learn more about my songs by visiting my main website where you can also see my more recent watercolors.

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